A brand is a promise. Every time you keep the promise, you strengthen your brand identity.

I'm Anthony Howard. An independent graphic designer with 13+ years of experience, specializing in logo design, brand identity and creative strategy. I have a proven design process that creates consistent success for logo designs and branding; research, analyze, brainstorm, develop concepts and execute. We all have a story to tell; one that should be unique, memorable and meaningful. 
My studio is in New Castle, Delaware, where I work with start-ups, nonprofits, small businesses, and well-established companies and organizations. Creative work necessarily involves building a relationship. Doing this well requires character traits such as integrity, open-mindedness, and sincerity, strengths of deep importance to me. In order for us to work together, you have to trust me, and I must be trustworthy. I'm committed to providing excellence and satisfaction for all my clients.
Professionally designed brand identities can be agents of influence on your customers, clients, and membership. They are your introduction to those who don't yet know you, engaging the intuition and creating an impression. Let me help you command attention.


"I was truly impressed by Anthony's expertise and professionalism. He has gone above and beyond with his service for our business. I'm proud of the logo and brand identity he has created for us."
Augustine Akiti / Owner,  Allstates Accounting Services

"Anthony has been wonderful to work with on the Arts Academy’s branding. He saw the need for a fresh new look, brought creative ideas to the table, and helped guide us to create a logo that works for The Grand. I’m very grateful for his vision and collaboration!"
Pamelyn Manocchio / Director of Community Engagement, The Grand

"Anthony took the time to speak with us about the qualities and values we wanted our logo to convey, and he asked poignant questions that helped us refine our vision.  Providence Center had a tricky issue to address. We wanted to develop a new logo and branding, something simple but memorable that reflected our organization's mission. At the same, we also wanted to show our continued connection to the Holy Child Sisters who sponsors us, incorporating their seal in our design. In Anthony's design, he was able to create something that spoke to the hope, warmth, and hospitality that we value, while also emphasizing our ongoing connection to the organization that sponsors us. We can't thank him enough!"
David Chiles / Executive Director, Providence Center

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